Taking the LEAP…Off the Right Leg

Welcome to WNY People Development! After months of preparation and planning, I thought it would be fitting to officially take the LEAP into business on Leap Day. I’m glad you’re here!

As Chief Empowerment Officer, this is the space where I will share thoughts, experiences, and stories as we grow and learn on this start up journey; I will share leadership tips, best practices, inspirational quotes, and personal insights.

Today’s insights came out of yesterday’s yoga class.

As a mom, wife, elected official, and now business owner, finding balance amidst the chaos can be extremely challenging; let’s be honest…sometimes it feels impossible! I’ve had to find what works that allows me to operate at my best, regardless of circumstance; for me, it’s a strong focus on self care, especially during the weeks that blow up around you. That’s where yoga comes in! Every Friday, I fiercely protect 8am-8:55am on my calendar, because I know my brain and body need to reset and rejuvenate with stretching, strength, and mindfulness.

Ironically, yesterday’s class focus was balance; our instructor, Giles, took us through numerous poses that challenged our muscles and equilibrium. My left leg has always been my stronger lower appendage, so when instructed, I moved into “tree” pose with ease and confidence; however, the experience was not the same when it was my right leg’s turn to perform. I caught my inner dialog saying, “This is your weak side. You need to be prepared to fall out of this pose. You won’t be able to hold it long.” My mind had already decided that my body was unable to complete the task at hand; my thoughts moved to WNY People Development…the doubt, the fear of failure, the unanswered questions of starting your own company.

However, I refused to let those thoughts take over.

I straightened my right leg, felt the strength in my muscle, found a focal point on the wall and confidently HELD MY TREE POSE, even after we were instructed to float our raised foot back to the mat…and then I smiled. I realized, this is why I was called to start this company; too many people let their inner naysayer dictate their performance. Leaders of large companies, individual contributors, and everyone in between, needs to hear “I believe in you; you can do it” from time to time; with reflection and practice, they are able to do it for themselves, and I know, through my past leadership experiences, I can help them get there.

Launching WNY People Development terrifies me, but at the same time, I can barely contain my excitement. Having the opportunity to empower, inspire, and help others discover their best self to become stronger and more effective leaders, is an awesome responsibility, and I am pumped to get started!

So, I pose the question “Why Not You?” If you are ready to take your emerging leaders to the next level, contact us at info@wnypeopledevelopment.com to set up your free consultation.

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