What is CheerLEADERship?

Connect, Care, Challenge, Celebrate, & Inspire

Today’s post-pandemic work environment has gotten incredibly challenging to navigate. Employees have different expectations and motivators than the workforce of twenty years ago. We are no longer living to work. To evolve with changing needs, CheerLEADERship was born.

Creator, Stefanie Adams, shares her personal learnings, stories, and best practices from twenty years of leadership training and coaching. This vast experience comes from Education, Human Resources, and Elected Office, accompanied by 15 years of experience as a competitive cheerleader (elementary school to pro) and 5 years as a high school and college coach.

Cheerleading provides highly applicable professional lessons for leaders in all industries. Leaders learn to support “squad” work styles while building trust and improving organizational culture and business impact. Utilizing five core themes of connect, care, challenge, celebrate, and inspire, CheerLEADERship provides actionable strategies to help individuals become more innovative and empathetic leaders who effectively create, support, and guide collaborative teams.

Why do we need it?

Top down management, “command and control” leadership…these concepts are antiquated, and don’t drive business growth. Next gen leaders must take an individualized and human centric approach. CheerLEADERship concepts and strategies focus on customizing support, development, and resources that build on individual strengths, create team collaboration and impact. For the workforce of tomorrow, leaders must highlight and celebrate uniqueness and diversity. Our differences make us innovative problem solvers.

As Baby Boomers retire and Gen Z floods the employee roster, expectations, competencies, and collaboration methods are changing; leadership development must change with it. CheerLEADERship provides simple strategies to help leaders create supportive, positive workspaces that employees want to be part of and grow within.

CheerLEADERS connect to build trust because we recognize that high-trust organizations have a positive work culture, recruit and retain high-performing employees, and are more profitable. CheerLEADERS care enough about their employees to learn individual motivators and demotivators and to create a space that allows employees to succeed.  CheerLEADERS challenge by going over, under, sideways, and sometimes through the walls preventing our teams from achieving greatness. CheerLEADERS celebrate and take the time to say “Yay you!” for the big and the small stuff. And, most importantly, CheerLEADERS inspire the next generation of leaders.

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