Business Cards: Paper Motivation?

This morning, I opened the box that contained my freshly printed WNY People Development business cards. My fingers tingled as I tore through the packing tape; I honestly felt like a kid on Christmas. As I pulled out a handful, my heart burst with excitement; I was incredibly proud to now have an item I could hand to others in an effort to connect, share my services, build clientele, and give back to my community through our “people development with purpose” model.

My mind floated back in time, to the first job I had that provided business cards. That small piece of paper created such a sense of pride for 20-something me; it validated that my job was important, my employer believed in me, and I was someone that mattered in the organization. It was a minimal investment for the large school system I worked for, but to me, it meant everything as I took my first step into a professional world; that simple piece of paper was an incredible motivator.

As leaders in an ever changing, and highly competitive business landscape, it’s necessary to identify motivators for our teams if we want to recruit, retain, and grow top talent. Here’s the kicker…there’s no single “business card” option that will address everyone. Each of us brings different life experiences and values to the table; that diversity of thought is a powerful component for innovation and impact, but it can make it difficult to understand how you, as a leader, can inspire greater productivity and company loyalty, especially on larger teams. That being said, according to a 2018 Forbes article, there are a few common themes to be aware of, at least for our millennial workforce; this next generation of leaders are motivated by quality of product, opportunity for learning, and feeling valued.

The “quality of product” is your responsibility as an organization, but you can easily respond to the other two items with a simple solution; invest in the development of your employees (AKA “opportunity for learning”), and you will prove through your actions, how much you value their time and talents. For some, a business card may be enough, but for others, engaging and relevant leadership development is a stellar way to motivate the next generation of leaders, and WNY People Development is here to help.

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