Our Story

Launched in February 2020, WNY People Development provides virtual and in-person development for leaders at all levels and organizations of all sizes. We provide highly engaging, interactive, and customizable experiences. We are not “trainers”. we are facilitators of information that guide leaders through the development process utilizing adult learning theory, practical application, data, reflection, honest conversations, and fun.
We don’t provide a “one size fits all” corporate training program, because we do not believe leadership is “one size fits all”. We pride ourselves in connecting and inspiring leaders and work teams through real, authentic dialogue, centered around the question “why not you?”

We partner with clients to develop relevant, impactful, and skill-building training options for employees. We create programs that drive improved culture and morale, build competencies, engage teams, and propel impactful success and growth.

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Stefanie Adams

Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer

Stefanie Adams is a facilitator, keynote speaker, educator, former elected official, adjunct university instructor entrepreneur, wife, and mother; for those who know her best, she is “Cheerleader Stef”, which personifies her personality and leadership style. She has over 20 years experience leading and training…

Anna French

Operations Coordinator

Anna is a mom, wife, and yogi who recently stepped back into the workforce after being a full-time mother to her four children. During those precious years, she mastered the art of multi-tasking, problem-solving and organizational skills, and held part-time positions as a production coordinator for Kiwi Magazine, a yoga teacher, and volunteer at her children’s school.